(NL) Maak kennis met Marc Reniers | AiR #3 2019

(NL) Als Architect in Residence in de zomermaanden van 2019 wil Marc Reniers van het Amsterdamse architectenbureau M3H onderzoek doen naar de woningplattegrond.

Symposium Learning from the Seventies

Architects who designed for urban renewal fort years ago now discussed their approach with a younger generation, now dealing with similar social housing issues. With, among others: Paul de Ley, Cees Nagelkerke, Arne van Herk, Gus Tielens, Tom Frantzen and Bastiaan Jongerius. The symposium took place at ARCAM, amidst the exhibition Learning from the Seventies.

(NL) Ruimte voor de Tussenmaat

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