Buiksloterbreek 2-43
Peter Stok

Terrace dwellings

On the east side of Buiksloterbreek are six blocks with stepped terrace dwellings. From Kamperfoeliweg, the blocks are arranged in a fan-shaped pattern. The master plan took a good connection with Buiksloterbreek as its starting point. The existing embankment has been harmoniously integrated in the design due to the stepped stacking of the dwellings. As a result, all of the dwellings have a spacious roof terrace and a good view of the park. The social control this creates is good for safety in the park.

Each block consists of seven four-room dwellings, in which the bedrooms are situated underneath the living room and the kitchen. A striking feature are the triangular oriels in the side elevations of the dwellings. There are underground parking garages and further parking spaces have been created along the access road, parallel with Kamperfoeliweg.

On the south side of Buiksloterbreek are the so-called ‘herringbone dwellings’. Here, too, a relationship with the surroundings has been established by situating the buildings at right angles to the edges of the park. The housing blocks are situated diagonally in relation to each other, giving rise to the herringbone form. (ARCAM/RS)