The African House, past, present, future

ArchiAfrika organizes: dvd presentation and debate.

Despite the massive economical impact of groups within the Diaspora in guest- as well as in home countries, immigrants have remained invisible for a long period of time. This is now changing and the influence of immigrant groups is, on both sides, often experienced as disturbing.
It is time to start looking for the hidden opportunities and positive impulses that can be found within the Diaspora for guest- and home grounds.

The African House wants to explore these opportunities for the built environment. On the 30th of October a dvd and booklet were be presented, containing a first inventory.
The first copy of dvd was presented to Mr. Ahmed Marcouch, Mayor of Amsterdam Slotervaart.

After an introduction by Ola Uduku (Nigeria, UK), Célia Tchengang (Amsterdam, Parijs) moderated a debate with, among others, Toni Kofi (Ghana, Amsterdam) Hein de Haan (Amsterdam) Giles Omezi (Nigeria, UK) and Alexander Vollebregt (Delft) as participants. The programme was followed with drinks.