The Set Company

Binairstraat 7
Cornelis Douwesterrein
Steven Steenbruggen
Studio Steenbruggen
The Set Company
Pro Build NH
Bus 94, stop Binairstraat
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2008-2009; ARCAM POCKET 22. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks Â’ARCAM POCKETÂ’.
Bedrijven, Kantoren

Energy and pride

Building activity is taking place on all fronts in Amsterdam Noord. Work is underway on infrastructure (the North-South metro line), housing (for example, Elzenhagen), cultural buildings (the Film Museum), green space (Florapark) and facilities (in the centre area, for example).
Moreover, on Cornelis Douwesterrein, between the NDSM shipyard and the Coentunnel, an enormous business park is being developed, which, it seems, will have an unusual character.

Thanks to the ambitions of the supervisor Bastiaan Jongerius and of the mostly younger clients, a strikingly high number of young architects have been commissioned to design buildings here. In the section between Netwerkweg and TT. Vassumweg, there is already a growing collection of commercial buildings with a strong identity.

The Set Company is one of the many companies to commission a building here. Its new premises comprises a large hall with an office at the front. The almost sixty-metre-wide hall with four workshops has a symmetrical T-shaped front. A conference room, an office and a canteen with a terrace are situated at the top of the building. The street side of the T shape is entirely of glass, which is set in a dark frame. The office is situated above the furniture workshop. The conference room and the terrace appear to hover above the two access roads and the parking spaces.

A tapering staircase leads from the entrance door to the floor above. Here, direct contact with the workshops is possible from both the office and the gallery situated in front of it. The entire complex exudes energy and pride. (ARCAM)