Theater Tuschinski

Reguliersbreestraat 26
H.L. de Jong
Abraham Icek Tuschinski
Maaike Behm, Maarten Kloos (ed.), 25 Buildings you should have seen - Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 2002.

Early 20th-century movie theatre

The Art Deco Tuschinski cinema is the perfect expression of its function. It was built as a theatre in which audiences could be seduced into letting themselves be enchanted by the illusion of the Hollywood of the 20s.

With its glazed tiles, ceramic sculptures and wrought-iron decorations, the façade expresses the message that a different world lies behind it. Inside, the public enters an ambience of sumptuous carpets, subtle lighting and decorative furniture. The cinema has been rebuilt many times. In the most recent refurbishment, the wall and ceiling paintings were restored to their original splendour. (ARCAM/MB)