Theophile de Bockbrug

Theophile de Bockstraat – Schinkel
Dirk Sterenberg
Gemeente Amsterdam

Drawbridge and bridge control house

In the sixties and seventies, industrial construction methods were increasingly employed in the construction of simple, inexpensive buildings such as the Theophile de Bock house.

Built in 1974 to a design by Dirk Sterenberg, it consists of a concrete pile in the water, on top of which is a concrete slab that serves as the foundation for a taut, box-shaped structure. The exterior elements, white sheets in black frames, are made of aluminium, a material that was increasingly used in that period. The building is accessed via a flight of stairs on the waterside. Next to the red entrance is a space for the bridgemasterÂ’s bicycle. In order to brighten up the austere design, Sterenberg added some colour accents. The bridge railings are painted yellow and there are several red accents on the bridge and the control building. (ARCAM/space&matter)