Timeline Amsterdam 2000-2030

New permanent exhibition at ARCAM.

Timeline  Amsterdam 2000-2030. Photo: Sanne Couprie

The period 2000 – 2030 is a fascinating era, in which we went from boom to bust, from which the city is slowly recovering. The influence of corona on the development of the city is the next big challange. In recent decades, the context surrounding housing, commissioning, spatial ambitions and metropolitan projects has changed radically on several occasions. We chart these changes with our new timeline: Amsterdam 2000 – 2030.

Add your own!
Our timeline is incomplete without your contribution! We invite everyone to come and admire and complement Amsterdam 2000 – 2030. Draw, cut and paste your addition to the timeline using the special magnetic sheets. Next year we will make a definitive timeline based on your contribution, one that is representative for all Amsterdammers!

The Timeline Amsterdam 2000 – 2030 can be visited during regular opening hours. Reservations can be made at the door. 


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