Drum Houses

Dick van Gameren en Bjarne Mastenbroek (De Architectengroep)
Metro 50; bus 18, 19
Hans Ibelings en Ton Verstegen, Oostoever Sloterplas Amsterdam, een nieuwe woonwijk in de Westelijke Tuinsteden, Rotterdam 2000, p. 52-65.

Urban villas in former storage tanks

In Oostoever, a neighbourhood between Sloterplas lake and the orbital metro line, concrete storage tanks from a former water treatment plant were integrated into a residential building development.

The master plan for the Zuiveringspark, the site of the former waterworks, specified the building of seven cylindrical urban villas in the green strip between two neighbourhoods. Instead of making just a formal reference to the structures, the architects decided it would be more interesting to utilize the existing pre-treatment and sedimentation tanks for homes and amenities. This gave the project a unique character, a quality that is often lacking in new housing projects.

Three drum-shaped concrete tanks were reused. The first contains storage spaces for the nearby homes, the second functions as a storage tank for greywater with an overflow to the nearby Sloterplas lake, and the third was converted into a residential building. Thirty percent of the wall of the third tank was perforated to admit daylight to the apartments.

A penthouse rises above the cylindrical drum, so enjoying a 360 degree panorama of Amsterdam-West, the park and Sloterplas. In contrast to this ample vista, the central hall or living room of each apartment has only a skylight instead of normal windows, so ensuring privacy. (ARCAM/BP)