UAR – Amsterdamse Architectuur app!

Together with the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture ARCAM, the Netherlands Architecture Institute launched the Amsterdam edition of the free 3D architecture application UAR (Urban Augmented Reality).

UAR provides information, by means of texts, images, archive material and films, about the built environment on your mobile phone. What is unique is that, by means of augmented reality, this application enables you to see in 3D what the city will look like in the future, what it used to look like and what it might have looked like. Due to the addition of advanced 3D models, made by DPI Animation House, it is possible to see ‘what is not there’. For example, the old Ajax stadium De Meer, an alternative design for the Rijksmuseum and the new film museum can be viewed in all its glory by means of UAR. Amsterdam was the first city after Rotterdam to be included in the application.

Check the preview preview.
UAR can be downloaded from Android Market and the Apple App Store.

In the application four tours are included:
– IJburg Steigereiland
– Amsterdam Noord
– Java- en KNSM-eiland
– Oosterdok

More information:
de integratie van de collectie van het NAi in UAR
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