Extension Letter-foundry Amsterdam, formerly the firm N. Tetterode

Da Costakade 158
Merkelbach & Karsten
Lettergieterij Amsterdam
Tram 17; bus 170
H.A. Maaskant, 'Nieuwbouw voor de Lettergieterij "Amsterdam"', Forum, februari 1953, p.52-59.
Bedrijven, Wonen

Extension of office and factory complex

The Amsterdam letter-foundry, formerly the firm N. Tetterode, was established in 1901 on Bilderdijkstraat. In the decades that followed, the company gradually expanded by acquiring the adjacent properties. In 1940, B. Merkelbach and C. Karsten were asked to produce a design for a new part of the complex. Because of the outbreak of the Second World War, the new building was not completed until ten years later.

Merkelbach and Karsten designed a building on Da Costakade and a storey-high infill structure between Da Costakade and Bilderdijkstraat. The ground floor housed, among other things, a fitting shop and the forwarding department. The floors above had an office function and on the top, set-back storey was a canteen with roof terrace. The façade on Da Costakade is for the most part of glass and steel. By making use of the existing pronounced vertical elements and closed spandrel panels, the layout of the façade is a modern version of the nineteenth-century façade of the neighbouring building, which also belonged to the letter-foundry.

At the beginning of 1980, the firm relocated and the buildings lost their function. Squatters moved into the complex which was later bought by the council. The Tetterode complex now contains dwellings, studios and workspaces. (ARCAM/MB)