Funenpark 360-369
Czaar Peterbuurt
Het Funen
Kamiel Klaasse, Mark Linnemann, Walter van Dijk, Pieter Bannenberg
NL Architects
Bureau Berkhout Tros
Heijmans Vastgoedontwikkeling
Heijmans Bouw
Bus 43, stop Het Funen
jDit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2009-2010; ARCAM POCKET 23. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

Gold-coloured window frames and an undulating roof line

Verdana is the last housing block to be completed in Het Funen-park, a new residential area that is positioned like a pivot between Czaar Peterbuurt and the redeveloped Oostelijk Havengebied. In accordance with a master plan by the Architekten Cie., the triangular neighbourhood is composed of two elongated housing blocks along Cruquiuskade and the railway line, and in their lee, bordering Czaar Peterbuurt, a park-like area with individual housing blocks in green space. The blocks are arranged along the east-west streets in a car-free communal inner court. Approximately 500 dwellings are housed in sixteen housing blocks, which were designed by various architects, ten of which are in Verdana.

With its gold-coloured window frames and undulating roof line, Verdana is a striking presence in the mainly angular surroundings. The undulating roof has a logical basis. The block is diagonally bisected by a public interior street that connects two public gardens. This street has also given rise to two rows of five back-to-back dwellings with different footprints. In order to give all of the dwellings the same volume, the dwellings with a limited footprint are taller and the dwellings with a larger footprint are lower. This almost automatically resulted in an undulating cornice line.

The entrances and storage spaces are situated on the interior street, allowing all-glass elevations on the side of the park and the living spaces to be oriented to the park. All of the dwellings have roof terraces, which are ‘cut out’ of the volume in a seemingly random pattern. Viewed from these terraces and from the surrounding blocks, the elegant, green roof can be interpreted as a modern version of the historic ornamental gardens in Amsterdam’s city centre. (ARCAM)