Vernieuwing Van Beuningenplein

Van Beuningenplein
Elger Blitz (Carve), Rob Wagemans e.a. (Concrete), Rob van Dijk e.a. (Dijk&Co Landschapsarchitectuur), Peter Ulle e.a. (Stadsdeel West)
Carve (sport- en speelfaciliteiten), Concrete (gebouwen), Dijk&Co Landschapsarchitectuur (openbare ruimte)
Stadsdeel Westerpark
Stadsdeel Westerpark (nu Stadsdeel West)
Ballast Nedam
Tram 10, stop Van Hallstraat
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2011-2012; ARCAM POCKET 25. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.
Leisure, Openbare ruimte, Voorziening

Square as a neighbourhood living room

In 2004, Westerpark district, now West district, decided to redevelop Van Beuningenplein, an urban square on Van Hallstraat. It financed the construction of an underground parking garage for two hundred cars with revenue raised over many years from parking fees.

This relieved parking pressure in the surrounding streets and enabled a new playground, which also functions as a meeting place, to be created on the garage roof. The design office Concrete was commissioned to remodel the square. Together with Dijk & Co landscape architects and design and engineering firm Carve, which specializes in playground equipment, they designed the square as a ‘neighbourhood living room’. Directly on Van Hallstraat is a pavilion that functions as the entrance to the parking garage, bus stop and youth centre. Five pivot doors in the façade of perforated metal panels give access to the adjoining skating track and the blue sports field behind. The central café pavilion with outdoor seating is a dividing line between the blue sports field and the playground and thus also a dividing line between younger and older children. With its concrete tables and benches and a wooden seat, this is an ideal spot with a good view over the entire site. The H-beams with wooden girders, which extend from the pavilions, form ‘ceilings’ above the square so that the trees, including a number of lofty old poplars, are part of the design. The ground level of the playground is strongly undulating, which creates a whimsical effect. This effect is reinforced in the evening when coloured LED lighting in the H-beams brightens up the square. (ARCAM)