Vogelstraat e.o.
B.T. Boeyinga
Gemeentelijke Woningdienst
Bus 33, halte Johan van Hasseltweg + 5 min. lopen

From makeshift village to monument

Opposite the residential building ‘De Albatros’ is Vogeldorp. Like Disteldorp on the west side of the North Holland Canal, Vogeldorp was built as a semi-permanent ‘makeshift village’ in order to ease the acute housing need.

The houses have a light wooden structure because they were originally intended to last for 35 years. They were, though, provided with proper facilities such as running water and electricity and were connected to the sewer system. In order to improve the mental well being of residents, in addition to shops there were also facilities such as a bath house (now Museum De Noord) and a community centre.

As regards style, the architect Boeyinga has designed a cross between the style of the Amsterdam School and the traditional style of Waterland architecture. Characteristic features are the gateways, which connect the housing blocks and which are also present in the later garden villages of Oostzaan and Nieuwendam.

Throughout the years, Vogeldorp and Disteldorp have continued to be popular with residents. The villages have undergone a number of large-scale restoration programmes and were given local listed status in 2001. (ARCAM/FG)