Voorzieningengebouw en SET-gebouw Noord/Zuidlijn

Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg, Amsterdam Noord / Zuidas
Amsterdam-Noord / Zuidas
Joep Mollink, Daniël Peters
MOPET Architecten
VIA Noord-Zuidlijn

In 2003, work commenced on a challenging project: the construction of the North/South metro line. The metro is scheduled to start running in mid-2018 and will give Amsterdam Noord a fast connection, via the city centre, with Station Zuid. The facilities building and the SET (Signal, Energy and Telecom) building, both designed by MOPET Architects, mark the starting point and terminus of the new metro line.

The facilities building
The facilities building is located in Amsterdam Noord, close to the A10 orbital motorway. This striking structure marks the northern terminus of the North/South line and is where engine drivers, office and maintenance staff can take a break, consult with each other and change their clothes. There is also storage space for cleaning equipment and tools. The surrounding maintenance yard is where metro trains are cleaned and repaired. The building presented MOPET Architects with a major challenge. It was not easy to find a sufficiently large and accessible location. Moreover, the building was not allowed to obstruct the view of passing traffic or dazzle motorists with bright lighting. The design solution is a modern signal box, executed in Corten steel.

SET building
The SET building is located in the Zuidas and is sandwiched between the A10 orbital motorway and the railway line. It will provide the electricity for the North/South line. Every day, thousands of people pass the building by car, metro and train. MOPET Architects did not want to distract attention away from the imposing Zuidas skyline and so produced a low-profile design. The roof of the 73 metre long building is partially covered with greenery. As a result, the building merges with the green verge of the A10 motorway. The diagonal pattern of the Corten steel sheet-pile walls produces a sturdy, infrastructural aura. It is as if the metro sticks its head above the ground before continuing to its destination.

Although the facilities building is completely different from the SET building, MOPET’s signature is unmistakable. Thanks to the characteristic rusty colour of the Corten steel, the two buildings are clearly related.


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