WHAT? Work Home Apart Together

Living and working are two important activities in people’s lives. The exhibition WHAT? Work Home Apart Together is about the combination of these two and about their place in the city. The eighth floor of the former ING House, which was renamed Infinity, is the unique location for the first exhibition about our live-work culture.

WHAT? Work Home Apart Together in Infinity. Foto: Carlos van Onna

More and more people want to bring living and working closer together. Either because it is more sustainable, or because it is logical in a city like Amsterdam with its many freelancers. ‘WHAT? Work Home Apart Together’ has been curated by Arcam, Amsterdam Centre for Architecture, and Fred Feddes, author of ‘A Millennium of Amsterdam’. The exhibition presents a variety of live-work forms that can serve as an inspiration. Amsterdam residents tell their personal stories about combining living and working, with the exhibition also charting the relationship between distance and travel time.

Living & Working
A selection of different dwelling types demonstrates the long and rich history of live-work forms as an inspiration for the future; for example, the dike house, the staff dwelling, the shop dwelling and the merchant’s dwelling. An overview of urban developments shows Amsterdam as a small scale city, as a planned city and as a metropolitan area. The exhibition, designed by Studio Daniel Ament, leads the visitor past models of dwellings and city districts, unique photographic material, historical maps and documents from the City Archives and infographics from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

Live/work portraits
A mosaic of the personal stories of Amsterdam residents and people who work in Amsterdam details the route of their daily commute from home to work and back again. The stories, in film and photography, include a shopkeeper who lives above his shop, a policeman, a freelancer in the creative sector and a manager who travels the globe for his work.
Curator Fred Feddes: “We pass over well-known subjects such as social housing, Wibaut and the AUP, as well as world trade, mainports and the VOC. Instead, we show the long and really rather neglected tradition of small-scale and flexible live-work combinations, such as artisans’ dwellings, shop dwellings and staff dwellings. They provide a surprising historical inspiration for future live-work requirements.”

In addition to the exhibition WHAT? Work, Home, Apart, Together, visitors can find out all about the building, designed by MVSA Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten who completed the building in 2002, in a presentation by MVSA Architects. This distinctive building is situated on the boundary between the high-rise of the Zuidas and the green zone of De Nieuwe Meer. With the ING Bank, among others, as client, transparency, innovation, eco-friendliness and openness were of central importance in the design. When the ING Bank left the building in the spring of 2015, this former headquarters was renamed Infinity and has been transformed by asset manager CBRE Global Investors into an office building that now houses a number of different companies. As the building’s designers, MVSA Architects were commissioned to oversee its redevelopment and ensure that the alterations were in keeping with the style of the existing design as far as possible.

Living and working in the Zuidas
In the exhibition visitors also learn about the area in which Infinity is situated. With, among other things, a model of the Zuidas, the City of Amsterdam Zuidas presents its vision for the further development of this area as an international prime location for living, working and leisure.

Accompanying programme
The exhibition is accompanied by a programme of debates and design labs. In the design labs attention will be focussed on the Zuidas, with the specific issue surrounding the transformation of a modern work area. In this, Arcam is working together with the City of Amsterdam’s Zuidas department, who are currently devising a new vision and action plan based on changing circumstances. The contents of the programme and dates of the debates and design labs will be announced in November.



Exhibition: 18 December 2015 until 13 March 2016
Opening hours: Thursday until Sunday from 11am to 5pm. (final entrance 4pm)

Opening hours during the Holiday Season:
18, 19 and 20 December: 11am – 5pm (final entrance 4pm)
24 December: 11am – 3pm
25 & 26 December: closed
27 December: 11am – 5pm (final entrance 4pm)
1 January: closed
2, 3 january: 11am – 5pm (final entrance 4pm)

Ticket prices
Adult €10,-
Student €7,50
Under 12 Free entrance
Tickets are available in our webshop

Guided Tours
Discover everything about living and working in Amsterdam through the ages and about the striking building in the special WHAT? tour.  Two guided tours will take place at 11.30am and 1.30pm every Sunday.

Ticket with guided tour (adult)
Ticket with guided tour (student)
Places are limited. Please click here for times and tickets.

Amstelveenseweg 500
1081 KL Amsterdam

Groups of 10 people and more:
Group members each pay €8 (instead of €10)
Reservations and more information via carien@arcam.nl

This exhibition has been made possible in part with the financial support of:
Creative Industries Fund, Fund 21, the VSB Fund, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, City of Amsterdam, Zuidas

Exhibition partners
MVSA Architects, City of Amsterdam, Zuidas

Special thanks to
CBRE Global Investors, Lexence, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Spaarnestad Photo, PBL Planbureau voor de leefomgeving, Team V Architectuur, Monumenten en Archeologie, VLUGP Stedebouw & Landschapsarchitectuur, Architectura & Natura, Foto- en dia-archief Nieuwmarkt, Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder, Zeinstra van Gelderen Architecten, CASA Architecten, Haaratelier Barbiera, Studio Aa, POSAD Spatial Strategies, Rijkswaterstaat, Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum, Noord-Hollands Archief

Johannes van den Akker, Kees Alberts, David Carr-Smith, Peter Elenbaas, Robert, C. Kloosterman, Bart Lambregts, Clé Lesger, Ron de Muijnck, Gerard Nijssen, Frans Oehlen, Dik de Roon, Aafke Steenhuis, Roelof de Vries, Walter R. Wheeler, Ed Wendt, Michiel Wijnbergh, Kees Zandvliet


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