Winterlezingen 2017



A new series of Winter Lectures on the city and its infrastructure

This winter we will be back with a lecture series on the city of Amsterdam. After earlier successful editions on the banks of the IJ and on Amsterdam’s parks and squares, this year’s series addresses the city’s infrastructure. How were key connections in the city developed and how have they affected the city’s fabric?

In a series of six Sunday afternoons, each lecture focuses on a key infrastructural project, its history and its effects on the city at large. Among the projects discussed are the city’s harbor, the ring highway A10, the subway and the planned connection across the IJ (‘Sprong over het IJ’). The lectures are held throughout the city. Every lecture comes with a special activity, such as a boat or walking tour.

8 January 2017 – The history of Amsterdam’s’ urban planning
Lecturer: Maarten Kloos
Venue: Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam, Prins Hendrikkade 600
Activity: Boat tour guided by Maarten Kloos through the city center

15 January 2017 – The Harbor
Lecturer: Leonie van den Beuken
Venue: Porcellis-gebouw (ground floor), Danzigerkade 165
Activity: A tour through the Porcellis-building by architect Wouter Thijssen (MVSA Architects)

22 January 2017 – Schiphol Airport
Lecturer: Architecture historian Marieke Berkers
Venue: Amsterdam Museum (Auditorium), Kalverstraat 92
Activity: A free visit to the exhibition ‘100 jaar Schiphol – ready for take off’

29 January 2017 – The Ring A10
Lecturer: Dave Wendt (author of the book ‘Ring A10’)
Venue: WOW Amsterdam (ground floor), Wiltzanghlaan 60
Activity: A guided tour to art piece ‘Under Heaven 02’ by artist Leonard van Munster

5 February 2017 – Amsterdam’s subway system
Lecturer: Marten Wassmann (Benthem Crouwel Architects)
Venue: Modestraat (Atelierplein), Buikslotermeerplein 15 – 17 & 21
Activity: Walking tour to the new subway station Noord by architect Marten Wassmann

12 February 2017 – Bridge(s) across the IJ
Lecturer: Maurits de Hoog (project manager ‘Sprong over het IJ’)
Venue: Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam, Prins Hendrikkade 600
Activity: Boattour guided by Maurits de Hoog across the IJ

Time: entry from 1.30 PM, start at 2 PM
Language: Dutch
Prices: Passe-partout (six lectures, including additional activities): € 65 / per lecture (including additional activity) € 12.50


Winterlezing 6: Brug(gen) over het IJ

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Winterlezing 5: Metronetwerk

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Winterlezing 3: Schiphol

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Op zondagmiddag 22 januari bespreekt Marieke Berkers de historie en de stedenbouwkundig gevolgen van Schiphol. Na afloop van de...

Winterlezing 2: De Haven

15 Jan 2017 - 15 Jan 2017 : Archief

De tweede winterlezing wordt gegeven door Leonie van den Beuken, afdelingshoofd Ruimte & Milieu bij Port of Amsterdam. Na...

Winterlezing 1: Stedenbouwkundig patroon

08 Jan 2017 - 08 Jan 2017 : Archief

Als oprichter en oud-directeur van Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam neemt Maarten Kloos de eerste lezing voor zijn rekening. Kloos verhaalt over...

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