Housing Höhne & Rapp Scheepstimmermanstraat

Scheepstimmermanstraat 62
Höhne & Rapp
Frank Bart BV
Bus 28-39-43-59
Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam, 2000, p. 62-63.

Private dwelling on regulation-free parcel

An unusual feature of this dwelling is that it is sliced through in two places by a long slit along the length of the building. On the ground floor, this gives rise to an interior street, on either side of which, in the middle, is an entrance to the dwelling.

The street continues at the end in a stairway to the water. The second slit, on the top floor, creates an exterior space in the form of an elongated terrace. Sliding windows can be opened to include this space in the dwelling. On the first floor are the living-room and a large kitchen. The bedrooms and workspaces are on the top floor. The occupants wanted to have a lift incorporated in the design. This has resulted in a dual access: each floor can be reached via the stairs and the lift. In addition, guest-rooms, with their own access, can be created on the ground floor and on the first and second floors if so desired.

In the design and materiality of the façade, the architects have sought to express the stately character of an Amsterdam canal house. The façades are executed in Belgian bluestone, the window frames are of untreated wood. (ARCAM/BU)