Private house Scheepstimmermanstraat

Scheepstimmermanstraat 120
Koen van Velsen
Particulier (Bart Vos)
Visser en Mol
Bus 28-39-43-59
Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam, 2000.

Private dwelling on regulation-free parcel

The house is incorporated in a wall of private houses designed by various architects. The front and rear elevations each consist of a striking, heavy black concrete screen; together they form the house’s construction. The screens are pierced by large horizontal light openings.

The lowest section of the concrete screen at the front is foldable, creating an entrance to the house. Here there is a top-lit patio with a tree which extends through the roof to the outside. The patio also functions as a car parking space. From this intermediate space, a transition between the street and the interior, one stairway leads down to a lower level containing the bathroom and a study, while another stairway leads to the level above where the sleeping zone is situated.

A stairway placed crosswise in the middle of the building connects the sleeping level with the dining room, the kitchen and the terrace on the first floor. At the top of the house is the living room. The kitchen – like the bathroom and the toilets on the other levels – has been placed as a block behind the stairs. These spaces can be closed, creating abstract objects in the centre of the house. When the doors of these rooms are open, together with the block they form a wall which closes off the space situated on the water behind. (ARCAM/BU)