Housing estate Entrepot-West

Cruquiusweg e.o.
Hans van Beek, Wolter Nuis
Atelier Pro
Bus 22-32-43-59
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1991-93, Amsterdam, 1994, p.80-81.

524 dwellings with parking facilities

Atelier Pro won the commission in a competition organized by Het Westen housing association and the municipal housing department to develop the physical planning department’s urban design for Entrepot West. The architects subsequently modified the original scheme, and their eventual plan envisaged a total of 524 dwellings (with fifty different floor plans) and car-parking facilities.

Atelier Pro took from the original plan the concept of a quadrate, part of which was to be built over the water as a bridge between the existing Veemarkt site and the yet to be developed Borneo/Sporenburg residential area. One of the walls of the quadrate became a diagonal and was slightly curved however. It forms a six-storey-high backbone to a plan more open than originally conceived. By varying the height and openness, various residential characteristics are created and then linked by the undulating wall. The plan also includes a high-rise tower and several smaller tower-blocks. Access to the dwellings is either from a gallery or a porch. (ARCAM/BM)