Housing Gulden Kruis

Bijlmerdreef, Groesbeekdreef
Lafour & Wijk
Delta roA
Bus 41, 47

Residential quarter with 213 dwellings

This project for 213 dwellings marked the start of the large-scale regeneration of the Bijlmermeer. The regeneration is aimed at creating a more attractive and safer living environment, to be achieved by building mainly ground-accessed dwellings, together with measures in the field of the management and design of public space.

So-called ‘up-down dwellings’ have been built on the through routes Bijlmerdreef and Groesbeekdreef. These dwellings are two stacked maisonettes, both of which are accessed from the street. The zone two metres from the façade is for access and to bridge the differences in height. Behind these dwellings is a residential area with low-rise situated around the church De Nieuwe Stad (built in 1993 to a design by Lafour & Wijk). This low-rise consists of 15 blocks containing mostly single-family dwellings bordering on closed inner courts, which increases security. There is a great diversity of dwellings, but all are characterized by unevenly projecting roof surfaces which give rise to an upper light. The area is edged with wide strips of green space. (ARCAM/BM)