Housing Weesperstraat

Weesperstraat, Nieuwe Prinsengracht
Rudy Uytenhaak
Metro 51-53-54
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1991-93, Amsterdam, 1994, p.114-15.

205 dwellings with shops, offices and parking space

The Weesperstraat development had to solve the problem which resulted when the original small-scale fabric of the historical canal-side houses was rudely bisected by a major thoroughfare in the 1960s. Uytenhaak’s schem is an attempt to restore the chracteristic canal ambience without, however, denying the very different demands of the busy main road.

Along the canals are four- and five-storey housing blocks, which continue the form and proportions of the historical canal houses right up to the thoroughfare. Along this, the project presents itself as a miniature town. By varying the height, five volumes are distinguished, two of which are set back from the noisy road to form a square. For each urban space an appropriate fa├žade has been sought, multilayered and with a specific decorative pattern. (ARCAM/BM)