Dwellings Binnen Wieringerstraat

Binnen Wieringerstraat 8-10
Claus en Kaan Architecten
De Principaal
Tram 1; bus 18-22
C. Ferrater, Claus en Kaan, Barcelona, 1997; Dave Wendt, 'Claus en Kaan in de Haarlemmerbuurt', de Architect, 1995-10, p.74-75.

Renovated and extended urban houses

The project for two locations in Haarlemmerbuurt involved the restoration of historic buildings and the infilling of small gaps. In Binnen Wieringerstraat were two adjacent buildings, one of which was to be preserved and the other demolished.

Because these are small plots and the floor area per storey is extremely small, the two buildings have been functionally interconnected and the apartments arranged horizontally over them. The infill contains functions such as access, sanitary facilities and kitchens. The living-rooms are situated in the old building.

The second site involved three buildings on either side of the corner of Haarlemmerstraat/Herenmarkt. In Haarlemmerstraat, one was restored and one was demolished and replaced by a new building. Because it is a defining feature of the street, the facade on Herenmarkt was first demolished and then reconstructed in front of the new building. Most of the entrances to the dwellings have been moved to the rear of the building. There is a traditional separation of functions in the building in Haarlemmerstraat: a shop on the ground floor, above which are various dwellings crowned by a maisonnette. (ARCAM/BM)