Dwellings and shops Eerste van Swindenstraat

Eerste van Swindenstraat
TANGRAM Architekten
Woningbedrijf Amsterdam; Maarsen Bouw BV; ABN AMRO Projectontwikkeling
Maarsen Bouw BV; Bouw- en Betontechniek
Tram 9-14
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1994-96, Amsterdam, 1997.
Commercieel, Wonen

Four blocks with 79 dwellings and 15 shops

Tangram initially received a commission to design three blocks in Eerste van Swindenstraat, an important shopping street in Amsterdam-Oost. Later, another client asked them to design a fourth block, which meant that they could develop a new street façade with a total length of approximately 200 metres.

For all the blocks, the brief specified shops on the ground floor with above four storeys of subsidized dwellings. In order to give the shops the desired freedom, the dwellings are not accessed directly from the street. ‘Indentations’ in the block give access to a sort of second surface level situated on the roof of the shops. The dwellings are accessed from here via two staiwells and short galleries. The columns framing the shops make it possible for shopkeepers to choose the material, form and colour of their shop fronts and advertisements without disturbing the unity of the design. As an interlude in the long street façade, 16 market-sector dwellings have been built in the middle, the ‘fourth’ block. It differs from the other blocks in that its façade is entirely of brick and so does not have the ‘floating’ character of the other blocks. (ARCAM/BM)