Housing Entrepotdok

Entrepotdok 13-84
A.J. & J. van Stigt
Woningbouwvereniging 'De Dageraad' en Gemeentelijke Dienst Grondbedrijf Amsterdam
Bus 22-32
Egbert Koster, 'Woningwetmonument in voormalige pakhuizen. Verbouwing Entrepotdok', de Architect, maart 1985, p.57-61; (z.n.), 'Woningbouw in het Entrepotdok te Amsterdam', Bouw 1986 no. 3, p.25-29.

Social housing in former warehouses

The 84 monumental warehouses in the old Entrepotdok were converted into a social housing complex in the second half of the eighties as part of the city’s urban regeneration. The dilapidated dock was at that time owned by the council and had been designated a national monument. The redevelopment involved differentiated use of the existing volume, partial demolition and new-build.

In consultation with the national monuments department, characteristic features were used and enhanced wherever possible, but with substantial modifications to meet new programmatic requirements. By making use of existing grant schemes, a housing act monument was created whose residential quality and rental level are comparable to new-build.

The first storey of the deep block houses parking spaces and storage facilities, the second storey houses commercial spaces. With a view to light penetration, the heart of the building has been removed on the residential storeys above, giving rise to semi-public inner courts. The dwellings on the first storey have small private areas, which are separated from the inner courts by masonry flower tubs. The dwellings on the second and third storey have balconies. (ARCAM/WL)