Housing Java-eiland

Sumatrakade, Javakade, Imogirituin
Cruz & Ortiz
Bus 59
Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos, Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam 2000.

Nine housing-blocks on Java-eiland

The Spanish architectural office of Cruz and Ortiz designed nine housing blocks within Sjoerd Soeters’ urban design scheme for Java island. The buildings are distributed over four of the five ‘rooms’ in which the island is divided.

The tall blocks on the quays surround public ‘inner rooms’ in which gardens, small squares and two lower, freestanding blocks have been incorporated. Cruz and Ortiz designed two of these freestanding buildings which stand with their backs to the development on the canals containing fourteen single-family dwellings with front gardens. They also designed six housing blocks for the quays. These are based on a basic design for a building which by and large has the same façade concept, with prefabricated facade elements of orange brick with a minimum joint width and sandwich panels with wooden boards.
The glass openings and loggias have been carved out of the façade surface as continuous horizontal bands.

Because of the unity in the façade division and the restrained use of colour and materials, these buildings contrast sharply with the others and, as regards the exterior, form restful moments amid the bright, multicoloured facade architecture. The internal layout of the buildings is on the other hand varied: there are different housing types with two-, three- and four-room dwellings. (ARCAM/BU)