Dwellings, mosque and shopping facilities

Duinker, Van der Torre
Tram 3-7-10-14; bus 15-22-37-39-43-59-120-126
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1994-97, Amsterdam 1997, p.88-89.
Religie, Voorziening, Wonen

Housing block with mosque and shops

The brief for this project specified a block which would function as a landmark for Indische Buurt and which would have a similar aura to that of the demolished block (built in 1920 by H.T. Wijdeveld) it was to replace.

The project was realized in two phases. The first phase involved the construction of 48 dwellings and 4 shops. This housing block consists of two parts: a raised end on Insulindeweg and a smaller volume on Toministraat. At the corner with Celebesstraat is a wedge-shaped stairwell via which the dwellings are accessed. In the second phase, a mosque (on the ground floor) and 21 dwellings were added. The large sanctuary has a surface area of 450 square metres and is 5 metres high. The entrance to the mosque, situated at the front of the building, is a broad, elongated space which can be added tot the sanctuary space.

Situated on the first floor are the women’s sanctuary and a number of classrooms. The design for the mosque was made in consultation with the Moroccan community. The dwellings above the mosque, all for the elderly, are accessed via a lift and short galleries at the rear of the building. These galleries are linked to the stairwell built in the first phase. (ARCAM/BM)