Housing Pieter Vlamingstraat

Pieter Vlamingstraat/Pontanusstraat
Liesbeth van der Pol i.s.m. Herman Zeinstra
Lieven de Key
Bus 22-32
Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1991-93, Amsterdam 1994, p. 98-99.

52 dwellings on a streetcorner

The convergence of a busy thoroughfare and a quiet residential street at a sharp corner was the point of departure of Van der Pol’s design for a housing block.

A narrow, steep stairway pricisely on the corner connects and, at the same time, distinguishes the closed section on the main road from the more open part containing experimental dwellings along the less busy street. These have an open floor plan, made possible by spanning a beam on columns, in between which the residents can have partitions inserted. All the rooms are accessible from the centrally situated hall via sliding doors.

The image of the glass fa├žade, staggered balconies and the curtain of metal rods and hoisting beams on this side forms a sharp contrast with the dark, rust-coloured plating material and the simple window pattern of the section along the thoroughfare. (ARCAM/BM)