Woningen Putterstraat

Putterstraat e.o.
T. Kuipers, A.U. Ingwersen
Lutter en Lotgering
Bus 33, halte Johan van Hasseltweg + 5 min. lopen

Workers palace

In the neighbourhood around Zwanenplein (part of Vogelbuurt), the garden city concept has been given better expression than in the first social housing scheme on Spreeuwenpark.

As is usual in garden villages, the neighbourhood has a symmetrical layout with wide main streets and narrower side streets, which converge on a central square. The architects Kuipers and Ingwersen, inspired by the English country house style, designed a complex of dwellings with unusual façade details here. There is also more green space. The village character is enhanced by a gateway at the end of Putterstraat, which connects the street with Zwanenplein. Underneath the gateway are inscriptions showing the ‘expensive times’ (the price of foodstuffs) of the First Worldwar. Prominent in Zwanenplein is the church by the architect Adriaan Moen, built in the style of the Amsterdam School. D. Ingwersen, brother of the architect, carved the various verses in the facades around the square. (ARCAM/FG)