Erna van Sambeek
De Principaal
Tram 3-7-10; bus 37
M. Buurman, M. Kloos (ed.), Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam, 2000; Liesbeth Melis, 'Interpretaties van het bestaande', De Architect, november 1998.

Ten dwellings on Oosterpark

On Oosterpark, new owner-occupied apartments have been incorporated in an imposing nineteenth-century façade frontage. The design emphatically seeks to conform to this grandeur. The façade has a classical structure with a plinth, a portico, a brick surface and a cornice. The dark bricks have been laid in English bond and the window frames are as narrow as possible. This meticulous materiality and detailing produces a taut façade surface.

For financial reasons, the building has five storeys instead of the usual four. By enlarging the window and door openings on the lower two storeys, the project slots into the frontage in an idiosyncratic but harmonious way.

On the ground floor and the first floor are maisonettes. On the street side, the maisonettes have a space with a double-height storey height, as a result of which abundant light enters the dwelling. Because the street in which the project is situated is very noisy, voids, which act as noise barrier, have been created between the facade and the dwellings. Above the maisonettes are apartments.

The facilities have been incorporated in the core of the dwelling so that the surrounding spaces can be subdivided as required. (ARCAM/Bu)