Residential and office towers

Woontorens: Rietlandpark, Kantoortorens: De Rietlanden 275-359
Oostenlijk Havengebied
Ton Venhoeven, Hans van Heeswijk
Venhoeven C.S., Hans van Heeswijk architecten
Kantoortorens: Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen
Woontorens: Woningstichting Zomers Buiten en Grondbedrijf Amsterdam, Kantoortorens: V.O.F. Quintet Office Park
HBG Utiliteitsbouw, HBG Woningbouw, bouwbedrijf Hecon
Bus 326, stop Rietlandpark, bus 39, 59 Panamalaan
Bron: Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 2000-2002, Amsterdam 2003, p.68-69.
Bedrijven, Commercieel, Kantoren, Wonen

Housing- and office-towers Rietlandpark

Nine silver-coloured towers have been built in Rietlandpark, which is an important junction in Oostelijk Havengebied, both spatially and as regards traffic management. The four east towers are residential towers, designed by Ton Venhoeven, containing various dwelling types, ranging from two-room flats to spacious maisonettes and penthouses.

All of the dwellings have an exterior space which is situated as favourably as possible with regard to the view. As a result, no two storey floor plans are the same. The other five towers are office buildings, designed by Hans van Heeswijk. Each tower comprises two staggered sections. The projecting volumes have a silver-coloured, flat exterior cladding, while the set-back volumes are darker and have a more complex texture. When the park has been developed, the nine autonomous objects will increasingly present themselves as sentinels in green space. (ARCAM/BU)