Housing block and wooden houses (Blok 13b)

Erich Salomonstraat 207-223, Peter Wotkehof 2-16, Talbotstraat 111-165
Haveneiland West, IJburg
Lafour en Wijk Architectenbureau, Snitker/Borst Architecten
Smit's Bouwbedrijf
Tram 26
Architectuurkaart IJburg 2013
Bedrijven, Wonen

Sturdy housing blocks and Swedish houses

The master plan for Haveneiland West consists of a grid pattern infilled with large blocks. A number of different architectural offices are working on each block, with one office acting as coordinator. Snitker Borst Architects and Lafour and Wijk Architects worked on block 13b.

The programme has been realized in various housing blocks, which together form the ensemble Block 13b. There are nine town houses on the waterside. These were designed by Leen Borst and Mark Snitker. The rest of the development is by Lucien Lafour and Rikkert Wijk. The town houses have a built-in garage and dining room on the ground floor. Because the ground level here rises to an abutment, the dwellings have high ceilings. The glazed front of the dining room can be folded out and can serve as a jetty.

The corner building, there where Talbotstraat and Erich Salamonstraat intersect, contains maisonettes and social rental apartments on four and five storeys. Along the water of Polygoongracht are four three-storey blocks with single-family dwellings. In the inner courtyard on top of the roof of the parking garage are eight freestanding timber frame houses. The sharp contrast between the urban buildings on the edges of the block and the eight freestanding houses is due to the choice of materials and colours used. The same architecture and material of rust-coloured brick has been employed on the street and canal side, while each of the eight houses is painted in a different pastel shade. The wooden elevations are clad with tongue and groove planking. In between the blocks are narrow openings that give access to the inner courtyard area and provide a view through to the canal. Public quays have been created in the open spaces between the waterside dwellings. (ARCAM/YK)