Housing complex Barcelonaplein

Bruno Albert
Bruno Albert Architecte & Associés S.C.
Het Oosten
Openbare ruimte, Wonen

Neoclassicism at industrial KNSM-island

This building on KNSM-laan is one of the two ‘superblocks’ built on the south side of KNSM-eiland in accordance with the principles of Jo Coenen’s master plan.

The social housing block by Bruno Albert is in neo-classical style and contrasts sharply with the other superblock, Piraeus. Two semi-circles tower two storeys above the rest of the building and, together with Barcelonaplein, form the centre of the structure. This circular square is named after the KNSM service between Amsterdam and the Catalan capital. The eye-catcher is the huge ornamental railings, designed by the artist Narcisse Tordoir, on the south side of the square. The railings follow the building’s rounded form and consist of large, decorated squares. Whereas only red brick has been used on the building’s exterior, alternating bands of white and red brick have been employed for the dwellings in Barcelonaplein. (ARCAM/RS)