Housing complex Botania

Plantagekade 2-67
Frits van Dongen, Christa Rinzema
de Architekten Cie.
Tervoorts Bouwbedrijf
Bus 22, stop Kadijksplein
Bron: Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 2000-2002, Amsterdam 2003, p.62-63.
Commercieel, Wonen

Apartment block with a variety of dwelling types

The imposing apartment block ‘Botania’, situated at the point where Nieuwe Herengracht and Entrepotdok meet, consists of a base with commercial spaces and a parking basement, and a superstructure containing 40 dwellings.

The brick exterior, with its sturdy whitewood window frames and green windows, refers to the façades of the historic canal houses. And just as with these buildings, here, too, behind the abstract façade there is a great differentiation of dwelling types. Most striking in this case are the three 33-metre-deep dwellings, which extend from elevation to elevation. They intersect, stepwise, a large courtyard, which as a result is divided into an open inner court and a spacious, covered entrance foyer. All of the dwellings are accessed via this foyer, most of them by means of galleries.(ARCAM/BU)