Housing complex F-Side

Claus van Amsbergstraat 71-81, Patrice Lumumbastraat 1-7 e.o.
Kas Oosterhuis, Ilona Lenard
ONL Architecten
Delta Forte/Rochdale
BAM Woningbouw
Bus 47, stop Anton de Komplein

Two-storey homes in the public rental sector

The urban renewal project for Bijlmermeer has introduced a clear distinction between the public and private domains. The collective spaces that had been so important in the original Bijlmermeer plan had never been particularly successful. Some of the large blocks of gallery flats and the underground car parks of the 1970s have therefore been demolished, to be replaced by other types of residential building, mostly in low-rise format. Many new housing construction projects have been realized under the renewal scheme in recent years.

The ideal of living in tower flats surrounded by extensive greenery has given way to a preference for homes with front doors at ground level and private gardens. The F-Side project exemplifies the ‘new style’ housing in Bijlmermeer. The public-sector rental units all have two storeys and a flat roof. The courtyard of each closed perimeter block includes a manager’s office, a bicycle shed and gardens. Each garden has a greenhouse with a rear face in frosted glass, which makes it suitable for storage as well as for cultivating seedlings.

The design makes a special feature of the front facades of the dwelling. They are clad with aluminium panels bearing a pattern based on a drawing by artist Ilona Lénárd. The pattern is formed by folding and incising the panels, and it continues as black lines on the roofs so that it is visible to residents of the nearby tower flats. In order not to impair the view of the ‘drawing’, the houses lack gardens, and bicycle racks with integrated house numbers, doorbells, letterboxes and illumination are placed a short distance in front of the facade.(ARCAM/YK)