Housing complex Fenice

Bijlmerdreef, Claus van Amsbergstraat
Pim Köther, Ton Salman
Köther Salman Koedijk Architekten
Woningstichting De Key
Teerenstra Bouw
NS/metro Station Bijlmer ArenA + 10 min. lopen
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2008-2009; ARCAM POCKET 22. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

Housingcomplex along the Bijlmerdreef

Bijlmerdreef lies four metres above ground level near the Amsterdam Zuidoost district council offices. One of the starting points for the design for the two housing blocks between Bijlmerdreef and the low-rise housing in the redeveloped ‘F’ neighbourhood was to exploit this difference in height to the full.

A wall comprising two blocks with a comb-shaped superstructure has been realized on Bijlmerdreef. The volumes, executed in orange-purple brick, are three to eight storeys high and contain apartments. Two glazed block sections, balconies on the insides of the ‘combs’ and diagonal pillars under the south point of the east block create differentiation and thus an identifiable image. The plinth contains small-scale commercial units, to the rear of which is a wooden stairway with a terrace that extends over the entire length of the block. Behind and underneath this is a parking garage.

The other side of the blocks, situated four metres lower, comprises rows of houses, as a transition to the low-rise behind. The exterior space/parking space belonging to these dwellings is situated in the interior courtyards. The living areas on the first floor have an oriel window on the street side. The two blocks are separated by a sloping square, which bridges the difference in height between Bijlmerdreef and the street. The entire complex has window frames on all sides. The projecting and set-back white frames give relief and vibrancy to the elevations. (ARCAM/MB)