Housing complex Meander

Rob Krier, Hans Buysen
Rob Krier Christoph Kohl Architekten
Het Oosten i.s.m. Stadsdeel Westerpark
Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen B.V
Bus 18, stop Kostverlorenstraat
M. Buurman (red.), Amsterdamse Architectuur 2000-2002, ARCAM, 2003.
Leisure, Wonen

‘Meander’ derives its name from the shape of the housing block: like a garland, the complex fits into the area, a former industrial site between Kostverlorenvaart and an existing L-shaped block. This has given rise to a closed block, which because of the large indentations has a variety of enclosed exterior spaces.

The complex has six storeys, except at the head ends, which are marked by eight-storey towers. Because of the block’s unusual shape, 204 dwellings could be realized, most of which have a view over the water. It has also given rise to dwellings with unusual floor plans. For example, one apartment has a hexagonal central hall, around which are the rooms. The classical formal idiom of the elevations is intended to give the new-build a familiar character. (ARCAM/BU)