Housing complex Osdorpplein

Westelijke Tuinsteden
Floor Arons, Arnoud Gelauff
Arons en Gelauff Architecten
Woningbouwvereniging Het Oosten
Kondor Wessels
tram 17, bus 19, 23, 68, 192 Osdorpplein
Commercieel, Voorziening, Wonen

Transition between high- and low-rise

With these dwellings in the heart of the district Westelijke Tuinsteden, the architects have sought to create a transition between the high-rise of the shopping centre and the low-rise of the surrounding area. The block comprises eight storeys and contains a total of 112 dwellings and 26 dwelling types.

The lowest two storeys house parking facilities, office spaces and dwellings. The superstructure has a large inner court. Here, the elevations are clad with fibrous cement plates and wood-coloured sheets of a synthetic material, which accentuate the intimacy of the courtyard. The elevations on the street side are faced with enamelled glass plates, which cause the building’s appearance to change with the changing weather conditions. At the level of the inner court, the west elevation has a tall opening which functions as a communal balcony with a view of the street. (ARCAM/Bu)