Residential complex Sumatrakade

Sjoerd Soeters
Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening (DRO)

Bright areas of colour

The facade designs of three of the seven buildings Sjoerd Soeters designed for Java island are based on the same basic design, the defining feature of which is the use of bright areas of colour.

Because of their vivid colours, incorporated in vertical strips of black brick, these buildings function as landmarks. With their balconies, extensions and gardens, the south-facing facades on the inner courts are more vibrant and more open than the closed facades on the north side.

One of the buildings on the north quay is distinguished by four high gateways in the lower two levels. The gateways afford a view of the IJ from the inner garden, so that contact with the water is preserved. Because the building on the other side of the inner garden also has gateways, there is a view from one side of the island – over the inner court – to the water on the other side of the island.
This building contains ‘superstudios’, spacious two- and three-room dwellings, in which at least one space is extra large. The floor plans are spatial and open so that the dwelling can be subdivided as required. (ARCAM/BU)