Housing complex Blok 14 IJburg

Bert Haanstrakade, Bert Haanstrahof, Jean Desmetstraat, Duguerrestraat, Talbotstraat
Haveneiland West, IJburg
Dolf Dobbelaar, Roel Bosch, Jorn Schieman
DKV Architecten
Atelier Bouwkunde
IJdelta (Smit's Bouwbedrijf, ERA Bouw, Bouwfonds Woningbouw, Ymere)
Smit's Bouwbedrijf
Tram 26, stop Vennepluimstraat
Dit project is o.m. gepubliceerd in Amsterdamse Architectuur 2008-2009; ARCAM POCKET 22. Klik hier voor meer boeken uit de reeks ’ARCAM POCKET’.

Two storeys form a gateway

Haveneiland, the first in the series of islands called IJburg, has been under development since the turn of the century. A high-density residential district has been built here with blocks arranged in a strict grid pattern.

As recent as it is, Blok 14 recalls the first period in IJburg’s development in which the design focus was on high density and architectural diversity. Which is why, for example, the block has been designed by three collaborating offices, one of which, DKV architecten, had the role of supervisor.
The location of both IJmeer and Polygoongracht was a crucial factor in the design of Blok 14. In order to allow as many residents as possible to benefit from a view of the water, all of the dwellings have been positioned on the edge of the plot. The block comprises seven volumes around an open courtyard in which there are private gardens. The largest concentration of dwellings is on the north side because of the view over IJmeer. The short sides of the block have been designed by Heren 5 architecten (west side) and Atelier Kempe Thill (east side), while DKV architecten designed the various sections in the middle.

A raised building section commands attention on the north and south sides. On the north side, two storeys appear to hover above a row of single-family dwellings, opposite which two storeys with a roof terrace form a gateway. Beneath this, a wide stairway leads from the raised inner courtyard to the public terrace on the canal. (ARCAM)