Housing complex Blok 23b2

Kiekstraat 103-109, Cor van Weelehof 1-23, Maria Austriastraat 552-638
Haveneiland West, IJburg
Don Murphy
VMX Architects
Johan Matser Projectontwikkeling
Moes Bouwbedrijf West
Tram 26, stop Diemerparklaan

Housingblock with car elevator

The urban design scheme, laid down in 2000, for Haveneiland, IJburg’s largest island, is based on a grid of rectangular blocks, straight streets, green strips and waterways.

Most of the blocks are being fleshed out by a team of architects. Block 23 is being designed by the architecture group the Architekten Cie. and VMX Architects. The latter office designed an elongated building with a high and a low section for the sub-block 23b2.

A major defining feature is the taut façade surface comprising brickwork, whose bricks and pointing are the same dark-brown colour, and glass, which is not mounted in window frames, but rather is glued onto a frame in the façade surface. At the end of the building is a seven-storey apartment building containing 24 apartments. Each apartment has a loggia on the east or the west side. On the top two storeys are eight penthouses, each with a roof terrace and a sunroom.

The 25 single-family dwellings are situated in the low section (three storeys), in an interior court. These dwellings are oriented to the street side and the interior court, which also contains the gardens. Parking in front of the door has been realized here by locating the parking spaces for the single-family dwellings on the ground floor of the tower. The parking spaces for residents of the apartments are located on the various storeys. This has been made possible by installing a car lift inside the building. (ARCAM)