Housing complex Blok 3a

Oeverzeggestraat 10-74
Grote Rieteiland, IJburg
Thijs Asselbergs, Paul Seuntjes
Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs
Waterstad 3
BK Bouw
Tram 26, stop Vennepluimstraat

Three autonomous housing blocks

Three housing blocks are situated on the westernmost point of Grote Rieteiland, which is part of IJburg. The blocks have been designed by three different architects, one of whom (Thijs Asselbergs) acted as supervisor. The result is an ensemble comprising three autonomous housing blocks.

The three blocks are based on the same principal form: a quadrate of dwellings, raised slightly above ground level, in the middle of which is a collective interior courtyard garden. With regard to materials and use of colour, the three blocks are very different. In the case of block 3a, designed by Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs, three storeys, containing 33 ground-accessed owner-occupied dwellings, have been built on top of a half-sunken parking garage. The dwellings are accessed via the courtyard and have their own gardens in the courtyard and a roof terrace. The ground floor contains the kitchen and a remarkably high living room, which is situated on the outside of the block. The first and second floors contain the bathroom and four or five other rooms. The elevations on the inside of the block are sand-coloured, while the window frames are of wood. The elevations on the outside are executed in brown brick. Here, the living rooms are visible behind large glazed fronts, which comprise enamelled glass façade panels in places. The verticality of the brick façade sections is interrupted by horizontal steel I-beams, thereby emphasizing the layered character of the block. (ARCAM/YK/MK)