Housing block (Blok 4)

Haveneiland West, IJburg
Gerard Maccreanor
Maccreanor Lavington Architects
Waterstad 1
Tram 26, halte Vennepluimstraat
Architectuurkaart IJburg 2013
Leisure, Wonen

Apartments and Café/Restaurant on IJburglaan

One of the design principles that has governed the development of IJburg has been to create buildings suitable for multiple applications. Spaces where people live must be easily convertible to office or studio functions and vice versa. One of the earliest blocks of multifunctional units to be completed is located on IJburglaan at the western entry point of Haveneiland.

Maccreanor Lavington Architects had conducted previous research into the adaptation of spaces to varying functions, and benefited from this experience in designing Block 4. They adopted a standard size of 7.3m width by 22m depth by 3.15m height. The deep space receives supplementary daylighting from a centrally placed rooflight. Residents and users of Blok 4 units are free to arrange the interior however they require.

The apartments on the ground floor are directly accessible from the street, and those on the first and second floors have staircase access. There are no entrance lobbies, galleries or corridors. Striking features of the building’s rear facade are the large areas of glazing and the generously dimensioned balconies. At the front, the building presents a clean, robust appearance due to the rhythmic arrangement of the windows and the dark coloured brickwork. There is an underground car park in the basement. The café/restaurant Blok 4, with an interior designed by Pieter Boon, occupies one corner of the building. It has an outdoor terrace with views of the IJmeer lake and Steigereiland. (ARCAM/YK)