Housing Koningin Wilhelminaplein

Koningin Wilhelminaplein/Carnapstraat
Baneke, Van der Hoeven Architekten
De Principaal
Egbert Koster, 'Hoge zigzag in grijs en groen', Detail in architectuur, april 1999, p. 42-45; Liesbeth Melis, 'Typologie afgestemd op situering', de Architect, mei 1999, p.68-71.

115 dwellings with parking space

This project was realized as part of a large-scale densification operation in the Westelijke Tuinsteden. The brief stipulated that the block was to border the square and the park situated behind it and accentuate the avenue to the south of the block as a ‘leafy’ entrance to the park. A large building was appropriate in this context.

The building stands on a two-storey slab base. The ground floor contains a parking garage and the first floor has dwellings which extend over the full depth of the building. On top of the dark grey slab base is a zigzag building with six storeys. This contains owner-occupied flats and studios grouped around three stairways. By joining together two bays, variation has been created in the layout of the flats.
The elevation on the park side differs from that on the street side. The former has been treated as a screen with openings and has an open character. On the street side, the elevation is clad with zinc and shiny glass plates; it forms an urban wall with a strong horizontal articulation and vertical accents near the stairways. In addition to these materials, wood has been used for the window frames and the garage doors. At the northern end of the slab base is an eleven-storey tower, on top of which are two penthouses. (ARCAM/Bu)