Private house Cornelis Zillesenlaan

Cornelis Zillesenlaan 108
Steigereiland, IJburg
René de Prie, Hanke Lumens
Tram 26, stop Steigereiland

Following the success of the individually designed dwellings on Scheepstimmermansstraat on Borneo-eiland, it was decided to explore the further possibilities of the typology of the modern town dwelling on the island. The city council drew up a very limited set of regulations for the dwellings. The absence of aesthetic control was particularly experimental.

The result is a highly diverse street frontage, behind which are extremely varied dwellings. BO6 designed a number of dwellings, which differ from each other both programmatically and as regards outward form.

The corner house on Cornelis Zillesenlaan is characterized by a sand-coloured, abstract front elevation with windows framed in orange and red. The rear elevation is more open with large areas of glass on the ground floor on the garden side. There are also windows on the sides of the building. The bedroom windows are situated slightly higher for the sake of privacy.

The interior is spacious with 260m2 in total. There is even a lift so that residents can still enjoy the roof terrace when they become less mobile. (ARCAM/BU)