Woonhuis Edward Wrightstraat

Edward Wrightstraat 13
Bastiaan Jongerius
Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten
Tram 26, stop Steigereiland

Private house Edward Wrightstraat

This private house, designed for two musicians, is organized as an urban villa with a three-sided orientation: to the street, the back garden and to the space between the villas.

The side elevation stands on the property boundary line and for this reason is largely closed. The cacophony of the houses on Steigereiland and the request that the ground floor should be open and accessible and the upper storey closed and private, has resulted in a low-key house made of untreated scaffolding parts with a transparent ground floor.

In the house’s beating heart, the music room, in the middle section of the ground floor, is all about music. All of the sight lines converge here. A void and a circulation gallery on the first floor communicate directly, as regards sight and sound, with this space, where music is lovingly performed and house concerts take place. (ARCAM/BU)