Private house Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan

Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 43
Steigereiland, IJburg
Paul Diederen
Particuliere opdrachtgever
BAM Utiliteitsbouw
Tram 26, stop Steigereiland

When IJburg was constructed, space was created on Steigereiland for plots where private individuals could, with the help of an architect of their own choice if desired, design their own home, free from aesthetic control.

On Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan this resulted in a great diversity of facades. A lucid and restful façade design has therefore been chosen for number 43. The entrance on the ground floor is set back slightly in relation to the exterior and comprises large wooden doors in a frosted glass wall. Above this is a window which extends over the entire width of the plot. The windows on the sleeping level are smaller, but they, too, extend over the full width of the house. The façade consists of concrete elements, which are provided with a black coating. There is a view from the entrance hall, through the open kitchen and the dining room, of the back garden. The dining room is four metres high and is visually connected with the living room, which is situated on the street side. The two storeys above contain the bedrooms and a bathroom. On the top floor there is a sauna and a roof terrace. Along the entire staircase, which gives access to the various rooms, are wall units which visually link all the floors. (ARCAM)