Noorderhof residential quarter

Burgemeester Röellstraat, Slotermeerlaan e.o.
Rob Krier & Christoph Kohl
Hillen & Roosen
Bus 19, 21; tram 7, 13.
Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam, 2000, p.124.

Housing estate with 230 dwellings

The new district of Noorderhof is situated in the Westelijke Tuinsteden just to the north of Sloterplas. Until recently, this site was occupied by a number of school buildings, a home for the mentally handicapped and a playground surrounding a church. Only the church has been retained as the centre of the new complex.

The isolated location has been utilized in order to build an introverted residential estate with medium-rise on the edges and a village intimacy in the inner streets. The medium-rise along the edges of the estate contains gateway buildings which, with their semi-circular extensions, are reminiscent of medieval city gates. Under the supervision of Rob Krier, a team of five architects has designed 230 dwellings. The emphasis was on the individuality of the dwelling and the neighbourhood character. Most of the dwellings are single-family ones on two storeys. The streetscape has been made as varied as possible by emphasizing the individual dwelling wherever possible. This was achieved by creating different façades, front doors and window frames, and by staggering the gutter height per dwelling. By contrast, unity has been created by using red brick throughout the estate. (ARCAM/BU)