Wouter Veldhuis (MUST)

Wouter Veldhuis is the director at Must, an influential urban design office specialized in urban renewal, strategies for the city and region, cartography and independent research. As a designer, Veldhuis is involved in the urban renewal of five districts in Amsterdam: Geuzenveld-Zuid, Buurt 5, Bosleeuw Midden, the Breehorngebied and Zuidelijke H-buurt. In addition, he is currently working on the districts Lakerlopen and Landhof in Eindhoven and the Wagenwerkplaats in Amersfoort. Together with Must, Wouter has published, among other things, Atlas van de Snelwegomgeving (2009), Atlas Westelijke Tuinsteden (with Ivan Nio and Arnold Reijndorp, 2008), Limes Atlas (with Bernard Colenbrander, 2005) and Euroscapes (2003).