Moermanskkade 73-97
Dick Venneman, Stefan Damen
dedato ontwerpers en architecten
G&S Vastgoed
G&S Bouw
Bus 22, 48, stop Oostzaanstraat
Dit gebouw was genomineerd voor de Gouden A.A.P. 2013.

‘Building with a horizon’

For many years, the Houthavens were a neglected part of the city. The Minervahaven, built in 1880 for timber transhipment and the timber processing industry, is uniquely situated on the water, inside the A10 orbital motorway and ten minutes by bicycle from the city centre. As part of the plans for a gradual transformation of the area into an urban business park, the Minervahaven is developing into a popular location for creative and media-related companies. Newcomers here include Saatchi & Saatchi, Barts and Dedato architects.

The architectural office Dedato is already setting its stamp on the area. This office is specialized in designing robust commercial buildings, popular with creative companies, and it has already designed a number of buildings in the Houthavens, including the multi-company building Ydek.

Ydek is a typical Dedato building, with abundant use of precast concrete, steel and glass. The starting point for the design was that everyone in the building should be able to enjoy the location and the view. For this reason, architect Dick Venneman designed a ‘building with a horizon’. The building is like a ship with four decks. Each deck is surrounded on three sides by storey high glazing, leading to an ‘exterior deck’. On the water side, these ‘exterior decks’ are extra wide, giving rise to a spacious roof terrace. These terraces ascend in steps.

Each of the building’s four floors can be subdivided as desired by users, unlike in market-oriented commercial buildings. The spaces have high, unfinished ceilings, which, together with the storey high glazing, contributes to the industrial character. The ground floor is a meeting place and has a restaurant, reception and lounge corner. The building is, moreover, extremely sustainable. Heating and cooling takes place by means of concrete core activation and heat/cold storage is in the groundwater. The partially green roofs provide insulation and rainwater collection. (ARCAM/RS)


(NL) Tugelawegblokken

Aftermovie Architecture Ball

Enjoy the aftermovie of the Architecture Ball that took place on Friday the 13th of May at W Hotel Amsterdam.

(NL) NOORDERPARKBAD unanieme winnaar A.A.P. 2016

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(NL) Publieksjury A’damse Architectuur Prijs 2015

(NL) Dit jaar heeft Gouden A.A.P. 2015 ook een publieksjury.

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IKC Zeeburgereiland


Rijksmuseum wint A.A.P. 2014

(NL) Gouden medailles voor Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos, Rijksgebouwendienst en Rijksmuseum.

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