Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Kerkstraat 136-138
Tram 16 (halte Keizersgracht)
Marlies Buurman & Flora van Gaalen, Room Service, Amsterdam 2007, p.42-43.
19e eeuw

Nooit meer klachten

(NB. Het concept van het Hans Brinker Budget Hotel laat zich het best in het Engels verklaren)

‘The infamous Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has been living down to its name since 1970. This 500-bed hotel from hell is often the first building that worldly backpackers explore and despite its rude service, tomb-like bunk beds and rough appearance, this hotel (formerly a Catholic convent) has a dishevelled charm.

Form defiantly follows function to allow it to withstand the onslaught of thousands of youthful guests a week, and the hotel shows off its battle scars with pride. On your tour of the Brinker, take note of some special features: the symbolic manipulation of space and light afforded by the unique view from Room number 19; the stainedglass window in the bar by John Martens; the aesthetically and aurally pleasing glass cubist disco-dancing enjoyment arena by J.P. Magis; the unintentional deconstructivism on the walls embellished by drunken guests; the exterior fa├žade by Mr. Schep (note the energyefficient Hotel sign). Architects don’t create buildings, they create atmosphere. And apart from the attraction of the price, do people come to the Brinker for the architecture’ No, but they do come for the atmosphere’. (ARCAM/BU/FG)